Do I Need a Life Planner?

Maybe you heard of the term life planner but are not quite sure what it means. If you are a young professional in the tech industry and learning more about managing your wealth, planning for the future, and estate planning, a life planner might be in your future as well.

What is a life planner?

A life planner is a person that understands that individual goals, values, and personal experience are inextricably tied to financial well-being. A life planner takes a person’s entire self into account while building financial strategies. This is designed to help set up individuals and families for holistic success. But, it first starts with your vision and your plan for your life.

Difference between a financial planner and a financial life planner

Life planning focuses on the human side of financial planning, unlike only financial planning. Life planning is a type of coaching that financial advisors do dedicating their services to discovery and delivering their clients to provide freedom regardless of their means.

When you visit a financial planner, you probably have certain goals in mind such as retirement, life estate planning, and what you want to do with the rest of your life and beyond. But working with a life planner just feels different. It’s more coaching, listening, and instead of dozens of graphs and spreadsheets, you’ll find vitality and vulnerability with a life planner. This may be one of the only times someone has truly heard you outside of a therapy session.

A life planner wants to hear the entire story and pays attention to the details in financial, technical, emotional, and personal.

Who should hire life planners?

Just a simple conversation will tell you that a financial planner can be different than life planners and they can be one and the same. If you work in tech sales, are a creative entrepreneur, an executive in corporate America, or even a single female working in finances. Perhaps you are a couple looking to retire with not just financial means but peace of mind as well.

Life planning starts with you and your vision but even if you’re not too sure where you want to go, a life planner can help provide options and potential possibilities for the future that you may never have thought of before. The financial planner will tell you essentially how to get there financially but maybe not emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. While life planners are not necessarily New Age gurus, they can be helpful in discovering more avenues of creativity and future security beyond financial.

A life planner will help you determine how to effectively use your time, energy, and skills to better your future for your entire family. You’re improving yourself, balancing the chaos of everyday life, and refocusing your energy on things that really matter.

Everyone’s life journey is different and while Chrome Advisors can help you financially, we have the skills that can also help you mentally and emotionally prepare and plan for the future using your goals for proven results. When you’re ready to learn more about life planners or just have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at any time. We help young professionals, folks in the tech industry, and young families get to where they want to go and enjoy the journey along the way.

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