Success Story: Will

mature man with beard
– Creative Director at a leading-edge company for more than 10 years (and there for the IPO 5 years ago).
– Has concentrated stock (RSUs, ISOs), and the company continues to grow.
More stock & cash than he ever could realize, and doesn’t know how to best steward this wealth, but has an investment preference for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) companies.
– Wants to start his own dream agency business, but doesn’t know how.
– Aging parents – wants to take care of them, as well as his siblings
– In a long-term relationship, not yet married, but knows that he will eventually get married and start a family

Key Questions

“What is the timing and tax impact if I decide to sell my RSUs and ISOs?”

“How can I start up my business without having to sell all or most of my stock?”

“How do I secure my parents, my siblings, and my future children?”

Success Outcomes

+ Assessed the stock, and created a selling strategy over the next few years, while keeping some of his stock, and considering hedging strategies on the other.

+ Invest smarter with companies that align with his ESG values.

+ Leveraged his stock to obtain access to credit, rather than sell the stock, and pay taxes.

+ Established a long term care plan for his parents, and funded it for them, so his parents (and other siblings) don’t have to worry about it.

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