Success Story: Eddie

Millennial businessman
– Eddie is a co-founder of a fast-growth start-up (Series C stage), that is aiming for a liquidity event in the near future.
– Married to his wife, Lori, and has two young children (ages 7 and 5).
– Has limited liquidity with most of their wealth in the start-up business.
– Wants to custom-build a second home out-of-state, that will eventually become their retirement home.
– Wants to establish a legacy for their children, and their alma maters.

Key Questions

“What is the tax impact when the company has its liquidity event?”

“How can we build our second home with limited liquidity in the company stock?”

“How do we secure our wealth for our future children?”

“How do we leave a named endowment with our alma maters?”

Success Outcomes

+ Determined that a portion of his founders stock is eligible for Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) tax treatment, and estimated his tax liability at the liquidity event.

+ Evaluated various third-party private sales and private financing firms to obtain immediate liquidity, so they can build their second home.

+ Established trusts to protect their wealth for their children from estate taxes and other financial pitfalls.

+ Established charitable trusts that will endow a benefit for their alma maters.

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