Schedule Your Complimentary Assessment

Our 3-step process for Tech Executives, who want to get smart with their stock, to evaluate what we do and empower them to make a confident decision about working with us.

Most of our clients...
  • Have equity compensation valued over $1 million.
  • Are thinking of early retirement.
  • Are Start-up Founders or Entreprenuers.
Your Complimentary Assessment will include:
  • Review of your Equity Compensation
  • Tax and Investment Analysis
  • Personalized Action Plan
Step 1: Schedule 15-minute phone call

A 15-minute call will give us both a chance to get to know each other to determine if we are a good fit.

STEP 2: Discovery Meeting

During this initial meeting, we will discuss your financial commitments, concerns, and what is important to you.

STEP 3: Assessment Review

With your Financial Assessment complete, we will have another meeting to share our findings and recommendations to optimize your equity compensation and investments, lower taxes, and start building a lifestyle that reflects what is important to you.

We value long-term relationships, not just a quick transaction. If you feel like we’re not a good fit, no worries! We’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding another advisor who’s the right fit for your needs. Rest assured, we never engage in hard-selling or apply any pressure to coerce a “yes” from you. Your decision is entirely respected and valued. 

Not ready? That's ok! Download our ePapers.